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Rocktape is 100% latex free using a similar adhesive to Band Aid strips.

Kinesiology taping is generally safe for everyone from young to old and fit to not so fit.  It is a therapeutic taping technique offering athletes and patients the support they are looking for, but also enabling rehabilitation from their condition.  Hence the athlete/patient can remain active throughout their sport or day-to-day activities.


-Allergy to tape

- Deep vein thrombosis and phlebitis

- Local sites of cancer

- Fragile skin

- Skin healing in early phase


- Infected areas of skin

- Skin conditions: eczema, dermatitis

- Cellulitis

- Broken skin or wounds.

A couple of Dos and Donts:

DO keep it on in the shower

DO keep it on at night

DO pat it dry after washing.

DONT use a heat source to dry it

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