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Kinesiology Taping - a taping system that naturally assists in the healing of damaged tissue by encouraging lymphatic drainage, and provides support to the joints and muscles without causing restriction to the range of motion. Kinesiology tape may improve athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue. Unlike conventional tape, which constricts blood flow, Kinesiology tape lifts the skin away from the muscles thereby increasing blood flow.  It also helps support the muscles which helps prevent fatigue.  The tape stretches just like your skin and can be worn anywhere or anytime.


It can also be used as a postural support for common problems such as lower back pain, tight shoulders, etc.


Benefits include:

  • Rehabilitation - normalising of muscular function

  • Oedema control - increased vascular and lymphatic flow

  • Reduction of pain - through neurological suppression

  • Sports performance - enhanced/reduced muscle contraction

  • Postural control - correction of possible joint misalignment by relieving abnormal muscle tension


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Using Rocktape

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