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Pre/Post Event Massage

Pre-event Massage used to increase the effects of a full warm up routine. Pre-event massage aims to stimulate the circulatory and nervous system, to prepare the athlete for an event and invigorate the body thus helping it to work at an optimal level.


Benefits include:

  • Increase of blood flow and tissue temperature

  • Increase in the rate of energy release in the body (the metabolic rate)

  • Increase in speed at which nerve impulses travel, facilitating body movements

  • Decrease in muscular tension

  • Enhanced ability of connective tissue to elongate

  • Help in preparing the athlete psychologically

Post-event Massage 

...has an important roll in speeding up recovery after an event and aims to help the body recover from the exertion of an event by removing metabolites such as lactic acid.


Benefits include:

  • Muscular relaxation

  • Increased range of motion

  • Mental relaxation

  • Better lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces muscle soreness as lactic acids and other metabolites can be effectively cleared

  • Prevention of injury

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