I use a wide variety of techniques that have been developed by practitioners to ensure that each massage is as effective as possible while providing efficient results. The benefits below can help with many day to day problems like repetitive strain injuries; strains and sprains; muscle tension; fatigue to name but a few:


Improved circulation and lymphatic flow;  the removal of metabolic waste; sedating or stimulating nerve endings;  increased or decreased muscle tone; increasing or decreasing muscle length;  the remodelling of scar tissue; mental preparation for sporting events.


Sports massage is effective for sports people of all levels at different stages of your training program: during the conditioning and training phase, before a competition, during a competition, after a competition, after travelling, Injury prevention and Injury recovery.


Regardless of whether you exercise socially or competitively, sports massage has something to offer you.

Treatment may include the use of Cupping, Sports Tape and fascial tools ie RockBlades/RockPods.

Couch Maximum Working Weight: 500lbs/226kg/35 stone

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